Freqently asked Questions....

Where is Masterfix located?
Our contact centre is located in Chesterfield, but we will send a local engineer to repair your appliance.

If the engineer has to call back to fit a part will there be a second charge to fit parts?
No.  Our Fixed Labour charge covers all the Labour involved in bringing your appliance back to working order (if possible) regardless of how many visits are required.

Can the Engineer telephone me when he is on his way?
Yes. We offer a 30 minute call FREE of charge.  This service MUST be requested at the time of booking. We also provide a tracking email for you to track the engineer's progress during the day, just give us your email address at the time of booking.

What time will the Engineer call to my property?
We will arrange appointments as Anytime (8am - 6pm), Morning (8am - 1pm) and Afternoon (12pm - 6pm). We are unable to specify exact appointment times as we are unable to predict how long each job will take and also the traffic the engineer will encounter on route. As above, we are able to offer a FREE 30 minute telephone call before arrival and a tracking email the evening before.

Can I speak to an Engineer over the telephone instead of having an Engineers visit?
Unfortunately not as our Engineers are van based and are unavailable in the Call Centre. We are also unable to diagnose faults over the telephone as any telephone diagnosis could not be guaranteed.

I think I know what is wrong with my machine - can you just order the parts for me?
Again, we cannot order parts for anything other then our Engineers diagnosis, as in order to guarantee any work carried out, it is essential for the correct parts to be ordered by our Engineer.

Do your Engineers visit on weekends?
Our Engineers do not work weekends. However, our 'Service Partners' work within their own working hours so weekend calls may be possible.

When will my parts arrive?

We are unable to advise exact delivery times for parts on under guarantee jobs. We will order the parts through the Manufacturers' website and if you wish to chase parts then please do so direct with the manufacturer.  On Repairs out of guarantee, we will advise an estimated delivery time when we advise the cost of the part/s required to complete the repair.

Can you take my old part away?
We are unable to dispose of any old parts as we do not hold a Waste Disposal Licence. However, from time to time manufacturers may request parts back for examination.

What happens if you can't repair my machine? Do I get my money back?
If we are unable to repair your appliance we do NOT offer any refund as when you book an Engineers visit, you are not only paying for the Engineers experience and knowledge but also his time and expense in calling out.

How long will my repair be guaranteed for?
Unless otherwise advised, we guarantee our work for up to 6 months or for the period for which the manufacturer guarantees the parts.  Our guarantee only covers any parts/items fitted and/or repaired by Masterfix DAR Ltd.  If the machine fails again during the guarantee period and it is found to be a different fault then a charge will be made for Labour and any parts used.  We will NOT be responsible for any other fault that may occur due to normal "wear and tear", misuse or accidental damage e.g. blockages, foreign bodies in the appliance, broken plastic handles, doors, glasses or scratches/dents on the appliance etc.

My machine is under guarantee - who do I report the fault to?
If your appliance is under guarantee then all faults need to be reported directly to the Manufacturer, even if we have called out previously.  Click on the Manufacturer link to be re-directed to our Manufacturers Information Page.

My machine is under guarantee - what happens if the Engineer finds that it is not a fault covered under the guarantee?
If our Engineer finds no fault with your appliance or finds a fault not covered by the terms of your guarantee then our engineer is contracted by the Manufacturer to pass the Labour charge on to the Customer.  This payment can be made by cash or card payment only.
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